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Exclusivity defined … at FASHION GOLD INTERNATIONAL

The jewels and jewelry have always been a second skin to womanhood. The cravings ‘n’ desire for jewels were excited ever since it has been a wearable art. Needless to say, it has well captured the heart and soul of both the men and women, unveiling the charm of every woman and adding to the pride of their men.

The adornment marked its value at much early times with the shells and stones that manifested as a status or a protection from clinger. But today, a dramatic shift in the jewelers design has demanded the industry to keep pace with exclusivity in design and purity in quality in order to compassionately win the customers. The current scenario where the fashion trends are changing more frequently than ever, jewels and jewelers have become a part of day to day choice. The art of jewelers is just more than concerned with adornment, but it’s a makeover to one’s personality and hence is modernized consistently.

About Us

Fashion Gold International, the renowned jeweler group in Malabar has been proudly the part of adding elegance to the womanhood through its successful 9years of venture. Understanding the millennia of value and culture of jewels, Fashion Gold International has been a fascination of art and craftsmanship. It has truly carved out the beauty of adding the jewel to the attire; redefining the personality with its sheen and the spark!


Fashion Gold International has been incorporated in 2006 at Cheruvathur in Kasaragod district. Since then, it has been one of the leading gold retailers in North Kerala. Under the leadership of Mr MC.Kamaruddin and Mr.TK Pookoya Thangal, the two eminent and dynamic entrepreneurs, the group has been promoted and successfully brought up to what it is now. Today, Fashion Gold International has made its impression strong in the heart and soul of the people in North Malabar with its showrooms in Cheruvathur, Payyanur and Kasargod. The group has 10000 sq.ft showroom spaces with more than 200 men on role.

The product line maintained by the Group has been the superior quality in Gold and Bullion, Silver, Diamonds and other precious stones. Apart from these, they also have huge collection of luxury watches from premium brands like Rado, Omega, Tissot, Espirit and Citizen. Fashion Gold International has been a successful establishment in this area of business with its key emphasis on product quality and wide choices. Needless to say, an uncompromising customer service has always been a captivating impression from Fashion Gold International team.


The brand identity has been revamped to a newer version as the time and trend demanded change along with the group expansion plan. The new logo is an emphasis on the Gold as the main element of business and its ever ‘in demand’ nature, no matter however the taste and trend may change.


The global gold market has ever been an area catching attention, whether it is to adorn or invest. In both the cases, gold has been considered and believed to be the safest investment to anyone who possesses it. In India, the gold and gems industry is all set to grow in multitude and is expected to show double the current value in the next four years. It is estimated to generate an annual turnover of more than 2 lakh crores by 2016.

In a close view of Kerala and specifically of North Malabar, sudden change in trend has been set for designer jewelleries. Strong demand of customers comprising of NRI families and high salaried professionals of newer generations have made the gold purchase more than just a fashion statement, but a safe investment. This has extensively excited a strong demand for Gold and other precious stoned jewels.

Fashion Gold International is strategically undertaken to tap the market. In the 9 years of progressive growth, it has made its strong presence with four branches and is still on the go for further expansion. Having an efficient and extensive marketing network, throughout Kerala, Fashion Gold International has wisely grasped the heart of Malabar.

Fashion Gold International ahead. . .

With a stronger passion and bigger dreams, Fashion Gold International is all set to make its elegant presence prominent in Middle East, the hub of Trade offering huge potential. Various promotional activities have already been initiated by the marketing network at the associate offices in major locations already been done in various leading trade journals and visual media.