MC Kamaruddin-Chairman

kamarruddinMr.MC Kamaruddin, S/O Muhammad Kunhi Haji and member of the eminent business family of Edachakkai has laid hid foot firm in business since 1990. He has been a man with far vision and goals on his business motives, ever updating his knowledge and strategies in business. Apart from his keen involvement in business, he is a known social worker who has been the part of the society in the best possible way. He has stood for the upliftment of the human welfare and hence was recognized at various platforms for his efforts and interests. He is also the general secretary of IUML Kasargod district committee. Also, he is the Chairman of the Handicrafts development Corporation Govt. of Kerala. Apart from the business caliber, Mr. Kamaruddin is a talented singer and a known speaker, which makes his position of being the president of Mappila Kala Mandalam rightly deserving. In a nutshell, he is a gentleman with a non corrupt personality who has ever been working out on establishing a winning business network.
Unsurprisingly, his services were highly recognized with a number of awards and accolades. Some of them are Naduthoppil Abdulla Smaraka Award for `Pakshi pattu’ handed over by Dr. MK.Muneer (Minister of Social Welfare and Panchayathi Raj), addressed towards his political, social and business achievements, Darsana TV Award presented by Janab Syed Panakkad Sadik Ali Shihab Thangal for his outstanding contribution towards Business development and Charity and ‘MS Mogral Smaraka Award’ 2013 handed over by Mr.Shankara Narayanan, the Hon’ governor of Maharashtra as a recognition for his superior Social work.

Metro Mohammed Haji-Co.Chairman

METRO-MOHAMMED-HAJIMr. Mohammed Haji is an experienced and a highly reputed businessman who has had his large exposure in business spectrum in UAE. Since 1980, he has sensibly stepped forward with much proactive attitude in implementing his idea into a successful business venture. He is the founder of Metro Group, the largest and the authorized dealer of international brands or mobiles and electronic equipments in Dubai. He strongly believes in delivering the best value of money to his customers and thereby offering genuine services. Being an active participant in several social welfare, he is rightly designated to the role of President and Secretary of several organizations across Kasargod district. He is splendidly a great contributor towards the betterment of the society and its welfare. Undoubtedly, he has been a great asset to Fashion Gold International as one of the master brains behind its growth and prosperity.

T.K Pookoya Thangal-Managing Director

pookoyathangal-md-of-fashion-gold-internationalMr.T.K.Pookoya Thangal, the eminent personality and Managing Director of Fashion Gold International Group is the proud son of the late SMB Thangal, the renowned spiritual leader. With his rich experience of more than 20 years in business, he has proved excellence in his endeavors. Apart from his business efforts, he is an Islamic scholar and has successfully contributed towards Social organizations and educational institutions.

Fashion Gold International Group Directors

   A.G. Muhammad Kunhi

   Sainuddin K

Other Directors of Fashion Gold International

  Mr. P.B. Abdul Razak
  Mr.Kallatra Mahi
  Mr. Haris Abdul Khader
  Mr. Abdul Hameed ATP
  Mr. MM Muhammed Kunhi Haji
  Mr. Abdul Razak.U
  Mr. Asharaf Aydeed
  Mr. C.P. Kunhabdulla

  Mr. E.M. AbdulAzeez
  Mr. Shafi Haji
  Mr. Asharaf Kodyil
  Mr. Faizal A.G.
  Mr. M.S. Hameed
  Abdul Salam.K.
  Mrs. Sahira Shameer
  Mr. Hisham.A.P.
  Mr. Noushad CH

Fashion Gold International Group General Manager

   Zainul Adideen T.K