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När sommaren mot sitt slut liderjag längtar efter mörkare & mysigare tiderTända ljus, en kopp the och ett varmt badmer behövs inte för att göra mig gladTänk att i ett plagg från Creative Lounge få chilladet skulle verkligen inte sitta illa

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Wait, I cannot fathom it being so straightforward.

Saudades também, zazie! Sim, claro, sempre atrás do boisão. E agora também temos em casa um novo inquilino daqueles que não têm que pagar renda — é um professorzinho. É muitíssimo divertido e muito meiguinho. Beijocas

You’re the greatest! JMHO

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Ya learn something new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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Without knowing who advises our executive on economic issues, can I suggest we spend some of the booty on some top level advice on what a sustainable economy will look like, how it will affect the average person and how to make the transition from our Growth economy either before another crisis or opportunistically during one. Perhaps John Quiggin?We can’t put a price on carbon without linking it to import tariffs, assistance for the disadvantaged and saying where the money will be spent and how it will benefit Australia.

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These topics are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

Faccio mia la perplessità di Luisa: Lei, Tornielli, si ritierne un “modernista”? Ero convinto che i termini “modernista” e “Tradizionalista” indicassero due categorie banalissime di persone, termini o epiteti utili solo ad alimentare polemiche pretestuose e noiosissime, non certo un vaticanista serio come Tornielli o una buona parte delle persone ( quelle serie) che alimentano questo blog!

Could she get a bigger soap box? (mmm yep I reckon she could)Not sure what gay marriage and people having access to hospitals when they are sick has to do with the price of tea in China.I guess it’s too soon for a laugh

Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as information should be!

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everywhere!

Holy Toledo, so glad I clicked on this site first!

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I wish more than anything that they would come to Houston, TX. I’m going to the Walmart release party or borders. It would be the most awesome thing ever. I’m over obsessed about anything Twilight.

Oh, Dawn! How RIGHT for Laura. I'm so glad!! And this college is in Florida? I'm doubly glad!You are such a good mother. Of course, you've had such a good model. And now you ARE such a good model. Bless you!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! I am thankful for many things, including this blog, our blog host, and the fact that I am playing the organ again (I am 95% recovered from the August biking accident).

Big help, big help. And superlative news of course.

Hey, good-luck to Anush. I hope she settles down quickly. And agree on the weather-this is Air-conditioned city, although it has been quirky of late.

I will give my husband 6pcs & the other 6 is mine then I will challenge him who eats faster..whoever loses would have to buy another dozen as consequence (I’m sure I will win)

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Och bei uns in Wien wäre seit gestern der Flughafen schon geöffnet. Außerdem haben wir gerade Prachtwetter in Österreich Das Service ist in der Tat gut. Da könnten sich einige Konkurrenten eine Scheibe abschneiden.

Shoot, who would have thought that it was that easy?

I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinking?

that I thought Ben Lobb was safe but wasn’t sure. I know our last MP wasn’t really a true Liberal, but we still can never take anything for granted.

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That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

Well, there are all sorts of ways to die everywhere, so this won’t put me off visiting Australia, if I ever get the chance. Very interesting TT though! well done.

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Baked beans or corn and peas is quite the norm, haven’t come across the pineapple anywhere else besides Archie’s tho. Thanks for letting us know where it’s at now, gonna go there soon! Have yet to try that ngau chap at Damai tho.

Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly

This forum needed shaking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it’s free? Awesome!

You have committed two argument flaws there.. First, you argue from subjective opinion, eg “more elegant.” There is no evidence to support this; British literary heritage even seems to contravene this.. The second is argumentum ad populum, based on the false premise that it must be right because many or most people believe? it.. This whole debate has been one long catalogue of your argument flaws and falacies, as you desperately, unsuccessfully try to convince me that US English is right/better.

Knowledge wants to be free, just like these articles!

The jews are just amazing. Even jews like Auster who are supposedly on our side seem to think the conversation about our destiny is still about them. As if we need their permission/blessing to affirm the rightness of our survival. We Whites MUST affirm our committment to our genetic survival. Anyone who doesn’t like that can go screw themselves, including the jews.

Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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It’s something that takes weeks, I think, rather than days, Roy. But we’re both committed to getting the hang of it. May head out to an island off the West Coast of Lombok where we’ve heard there’s nice easy surf too… We were going to do the Gilis, but I think I’d rather dive Komodo. I’m not sure we’re in the easiest place to learn. Because somewhere where good surfers go to surf is not necessarily the place for beginners…

As a mother of 3 girls, I just had a boy! This would match perfectlywith his grey room and white nursery. I would love either color! He already snuggles up with his blankets, this one would be even better. :)

Aww thanks Bill…love what you are doing too…fabulous! I wish I could help there too, maybe someday! Thank goodness they have you!

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It’s clear ffrom your insulting comment that you have never used MSE. If you have used it then you’re either simple-minded or have a really bad machine. I use MSE on all of my machines and I love it! McAfee’s a joke, Norton is too expensive (junk really should be free), system intrusive, and a resource hog. MSE is none of those things and is as good if not better than any of the expensive ‘aftermarket’ oroduct.

O que ainda existe de bom no mundo é a musica e musica boa hoje em dia tá difícil só vejo lixo,agora esses caras ai são a marca registrada de cultura musical é a expressão de toda luta por uma mundo melhor e a melhor arma e a ser últizada e a musica parabéns galera…O rappa + Soja

allt som behövs är lite planering. Grundreceptet till dessa underbara frökex kommer från bloggen 56 kilo men jag har ändrat lite på

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July 10, 2009  9:12 PM by Francine That cake looks yummy! My all-time favorite cookie is a cranberrry-pistachio shortbread that people fight over! I’ve taken to make them as birthday gifts for my friends – they can decide if they want to share or not!

I like to party, not look articles up online. You made it happen.

Excellent. Excellent. I don’t get around the autiesphere as much as I should, but I’ve just tanked up on this story quite comprehensively, thank you very much. The headline ouch is probably the result of some clueless sub-editor rather than Ms Rich. And I’d be fully with Hammie. I don’t think you’ll be dreading the film so much as ignoring it, like the vast number of people will.

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I told my grandmother how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

Es gibt bloode Leute überall, ich kenne auch ein paar “Miss everything is sausage for me” Morgen muss ich wieder arbeiten nach eine lange pause (((KOMMST du zurück?saludos y un abrazo

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I problemi sono che se Paolo è puntiglioso e maniacale sulle cose credo che anche i lettori del blog abbiano il diritto di esserlo. E cosa è … Paolo Attivissimo può dire quello che vuole senza che nessuno lo contrasti? E sono intervenuto perché Mars4ever è stato educato e Paolo gli ha risposto con la tracotanza sua solita… ovvero del tipo ho ragione io e basta….quindi io ho risposto per le rime col suo stesso metodo. Chi la fa l'aspetti.

While Norway is unusual in its degree of Gramscian fascism, among academics such attitudes are common throughout the West. Other than Ellis, examples of academic "Purity of the Doctrine" persecutions that come readily to mind are of J. Philippe Rushton in Canada, Linda Gottfredson in the U.S. and Satoshi Kanazawa in the UK. And these are just the egregious cases. For the thousands of others who have not been shoved into the pyre of public condemnation and persecution, the means of control is to throttle their career via denial of tenure, relegation to small out-of-sight-colleges etc.Takuan Seiyo

It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

i would like to a pic of as many pop stars just of something tall enough that some one could take a pic on all of them that would look kool and some where on it there should be in a coner Angelina Carson

Excellent !!! J’adore celles où Elvis est derrière avec le petit signe de la main… Mais sont vraiment mariés par Elvis !!?? (ou c’est juste pour la photo ?)

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Actually Daniel… there was a movie made about this. It's called "Mars Attacks" by Tim Burton – it's all an allegory of course. Substitute the martians with muslims and the Jack Nicholson's presidency with the pandering, incompetent and idiotic governments of today's Europe and the USA and there you have it. By the way, we do win – just stock up on your Slim Whitman music.

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Lol. I do agree with you and in Walter’s case I’d venture to say that he knows English and Spanish since I use both languages to communicate with him. He is adorable and very, very smart. He looks very closely at your body language and even before I say anything he knows what I am going to ask him. Go Walter!

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What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yourself?

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I feel for you Scamp, it must be irritating. However, since the public never pay any attention to these kind of awards and they’ll only ever remember things they’ve actually seen, just see it for what it is, a bit of advertising twat back-patting. The McDonalds one was the nicest one there and even that only made me think of warmed-up soggy salad! (which is probably the real product truth).Still, we’ll take an award if anyone’s got one going?[insert predictable ‘biggest twat award’ comment here]

– Dear L family – I know the arrival of little Madison has brought such great joy into your lives and it was an honor to be able to forever preserve her newborn beauty…God bless! ♥ ♥

One or two to remember, that is.

I am merely pointing our the logical end of our host’s position. He can not assume atomism and then tack on a ‘moral standing’ or take refuge in different levels of description. Is the statement that digestion does reduce to inanimate chemistry an empirical statement or a deductive statement or a statement of faith?

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Articles like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

C’est étonnant comme tout le monde s’en fout. Pas un mot depuis le début de son match. Eh, les amis, il parait que c’est le tennisman préféré des Français, si, si…

The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful articles.

Yup, that should defo do the trick!

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What a pleasure to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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Hi Sarah – Isn’t that coat FABULOUS??!! I have a feeling it’s suede since Bally has such a heritage with leather and they incorporated it into many of the pieces. Wishing you a great weekend as well.

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that if an effect (such as dependence of the speed on the energy) is not forbidden by symmetries, it will occur. It's really incompatible with the relativity even using the larger limiting speed. It's incompatible with precision Michelson-Morley, too: if the limiting speed were higher, the speed of photons would depend on the speed of sources and speeds of observers etc., and I claim that to a detectable extent today.It's just vastly more likely that a grad student hacked the Opera collaboration and modified some numbers, or that one of thousands of possible errors (including wrong calibration of GPS that affects all of its users equally) has occurred.

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Don the Ripper makes a good point about Tom Davis. I have to ask, where was Tom Davis during all of these deliberations? As I recall, he was the “no” vote on more than one occasion. But he never raised a stink, never rocked the boat and, as far as I can tell, never asked the tough questions that bloggers and citizen activists are asking now. Perhaps it’s his style to work behind the scenes. I don’t know. But he deserves as much scrutiny as all the others.

Pleasing to find someone who can think like that

If time is money you’ve made me a wealthier woman.

I see, I suppose that would have to be the case.

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And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me straight.

bonjour Valérie,l’an dernier quelques noms avaient circulé … sinon c’est vrai que c’est très « mystérieux »A suivre donc avec attention…

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…"annonce avec la tentative des terroristes d’obtenir un État à l’ONU"…je reprend vos paroles,les palestiniens ne sont pas des terroristes,pas plus que les israeliens ou autres americains!en ce qui concerne la turquie,je felicite ce pays d avoir les "c" de s opposer au genocide que les israeliens opere en palestine.l histoir ne leur a rien apprit…

Howdy this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. IÂ’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I was seriously at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

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Not bad at all fellas and gallas. Thanks.

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Liberalism is a form of Christianity that substitutes Caesar for Christ. What is wrong with Social Security is that it takes money from people by force not as a form of assisting people to save for their retirement, but simply to put more money in the general fund, to be used for whatever project campaign contributors find most profitable. If there really were individual accounts funded by these payroll taxes, they would be little more reprehensible that starting a Christmas account or a college fund.

On va attendre longtemps alors -_-Votre pseudo explication ne tiens pas la route, aucune transparence, des délais annoncés non respectés, c’est catastrophique.HONTEUX

God, I feel like I should be takin notes! Great work

Contra o Moreirense….ArturAlmeida (Cancelo), Luisão, Jardel, LuisinhoOla John, Matic, Miguel Rosa ( O Rosa lesionou-se não foi???), NolitoCardozo e LimaSupalentes: Lopes, Vitor, Ascués, Bruno César, Rodrigo, Gaitas, Salvio…Só uma ideia!:)

You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it better.

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Thanks, I try really hard not to be like that, I’m not always perfect as my wife can attest. If you’re interested, then follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I write about feminism and families a lot. I think you’d enjoy it. (The links on on my sidebar.)

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Action requires knowledge, and now I can act!

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My faith is in WHO HE IS, but I think it is because of that faith that when I don’t see the result I KNOW without doubt He could have provided, I struggle. Maybe my faith is weak? But through it all I can still say, “Blessed be the name…”

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maya scrive:peccato, gli organizzatori confermano che Lino è stato invitato, ma non ha voluto partecipare. Peccato era un’occasione favorevole per mettere apposto alcune cose…se non con la dirigenza con il pubblico che continua a stimarlo come prima.

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Det er alltid MYE som frister pÃ¥ Ting. Jeg ønsker meg Pappelina matte. Jeg fikk en Muuto pepperkvern an mine barn til jul, og skulle gjerne hatt en saltkvern ogsÃ¥. Stor Wiik & Valsøe vase. Savon de Marseille sine mange flotte produkter er ogsÃ¥ pÃ¥ ønskelisten. Sukk, sÃ¥ mye fint… Ha en deilig søndag!!

Non so.I prezzi del noleggio sono molto vantaggiosi se siete abituati ad aggiornare la vostra Creative Suite ad ogni uscita (calcolando che un’anno di licenza sono meno di 600$); ma se invece come la maggior parte delle realtà lavorative, i software vengono aggiornati quando sono realmente necessari, ovvero ogni due/tre anni, allora probabilmente conviene pensare ancora alla licenza tradizionale.

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Rhetoric such as the above is a far greater threat to America than any form of affirmative action.Typical PC boogeyman talk. It doesn’t work on me anymore. You can take it and your holier-than-thou attitude Jewish Aethist, and stuff it.Affirmative action is racism. I’m threatened by it and my children are threatened by it. kelly sees the truth, as do I, and many others. Build your gulags quickly JA, because any other way it works out is not going to be good for you.

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#3 so not only do you have hot girls and Mac in your office but you are also close to an In-N-Out Burger place I really do hate you guys so much the last time I had an In-N-Out Burger was when I lived in Vegas

Gee whiz, and I thought this would be hard to find out.

Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.

I wrote four years ago that human institutions would prove utterly incapable of developing a systematic program of effective measures in response to climate change.You are so right KL. And nothing that has happened in the intervening period has given any indication of that situation changing.Welcome fellow “denier”. Wear the label with pride.

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Even if queen james wins the title this year dwayne wade would barrow him because he is the leader and the caprain and even if he gets the ring he would not be better than Kobe Bryant aka the black mamba

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Thanks Mabeline, good tip! If only I lived in Europe, I could use the NARS 20 percent off discount code that’s floating around until the end of July. Oh well … the nail polish is also on sale now at Nordstrom, so I guess I’ll have to buy it – and a bunch of other stuff from the beauty sale!

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I am eating regular meals and doing this cleanse for 7 days (except this weekend I am going to have to stop due to not being home on Saturday and driving 5 hours on Sunday.

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No, Bob, Honduras is nothing more than one of the many of your lame attempts to paint the red door black.You come across as a hyperventilating stooge. Zelaya was elected there. That should be a clue as to why you’d get your I’m-a-half-white-hero-American-r-winged-jeeenyus ass beaten in the streets of Tegucigalpa. Most don’t think highly of your jeeeenyus there.

I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

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you only have to subvert one generation, and you're already a few generations behind. I read now that ministers recommend avoiding "Jerusalem" in religious ceremonies because it's too patriotic. Loving your country is also becoming a dirty thing now – you should all be ashamed of yourselves for being British! It's like if as an individual you did some bad things in the past you now have to commit suicide. But you also did some good things!

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So over whelming to follow up on. I would be more confidant if I was sure I was doing it right so I don’t hurt myself, but you no longer do online coaching I gained weight(the right way) and it went straight to my ass ))) the bad part, I’ve noticed it started going to my hips,stomach and face?! I can actually see ripples on my stomach! HELP! After the work outs all I feel are knees and low back throbbing

it’s like the anti batman and robin, it;s using the B side The Beginning is the End is the Beginning to that A side from the batman and robin movie The End is the Beginning is the End, its pretty clever when you think about it

misio pisze:wreszcie coś się dzieje w tym serialu. Artur i Monika znów są razem a Konstancja ZNOWU chce to wszystko zepsuć. Niech ona odwali się od nich i zrozumie że Artur jej nie kocha i że chce być tylko i wyłącznie z Moniką. Ale dobrze że koniec całego serialu będzie szczęśliwy.

Ich halte den Unterschied zwischen einem neuen Aufdruck und einem zusätzlichen RFID-Tag aus Metall oder Kunststoff für nicht unerheblich, sowohl im Hinblick auf die Kosten als auch – in der Masse – auf den Müll.

Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

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Ya Allah mmg ngeri…x dapat aku bayangkan waktu kejadian tu…mcm mana la…Berita Tv pn tnjuk mmg ramai…kpd ahli keluarga yg terlibat, tabahkan hati kuat kan semangatini dugaan dari Allah…semoga ada sesuatu yg akan lebih baik dilakukan kerajaan..kpd semua jgn la drive laju2terutamanya abg2 bas ni…dah byk dah…cukup2 la…al-fatihah

May 9, 2012 at 1:36 amIf that’s the level of economic competence at Syriza, then good night. Even averagely informed folks should now that the deposits don’t simply sit idle at the banks, but are used for funding credits. And that the cash reserves of Greek banks are already dangerously low. Despite this, Stratoulis pretends “the money is there”. Sounds familiar? 8-/

Gee whiz, and I thought this would be hard to find out.

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2008: My landline broadband went crazy on me this month, which made me decided on Going mobile Internet blogging until the dust settled. I shared a part of my Bookmark: Online money-making techniques, compared

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black_joker saka:“!!!!” – apsÄ“stais – parādi, kur manos komentāros ir naids pret latvieÅ¡iem un Latviju? Man ir dižs naids pret cilvÄ“kiem, kas bez pierādÄ«jumiem atļaujas nozākāt politiÄ·us un sabiedrÄ«bas aktÄ«vos cilvÄ“kus.

Elaine, Thank you so very much. I have Joseph Ferris Waring (b. 1834) as the father of Benjamin Page Waring (b. Sept. 6, 1863) who had 7 children (I have the information for the other children too.), two of the sons were Joseph Ferris Waring (b. April 26, 1909, my grand-father) and Benjamin Page Waring Jr. (b. Oct. 25, 1909) his brother. I look forward to receiving your e-mail. If you’ve sent it already, I must of missed it. I look forward to sharing what I have on the Warings. Agian I’m new at all of this. Thanks for all of your work.Best Wishes,Chuck

Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

Perfil del nuevo Community Manager. Evolución o estancamiento…el community manager es un puesto de gran responsabilidad para quien lo ejerce, pues conlleva la comunicación corporativa de la empresa hacia el exterior, especialmente en las redes sociales…

You at least need to get a lawyer to legalize every step. You may be advised to go through an agency. You have to always remember that people can change their mind or problems can always arise. I would suggest finding a lawyer first to get all the advice. Then you are sure to be doing things the proper way.

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Ieri Draghi ha esplicitamente detto che la BCE comprerà i bond degli stati per buttarli nel cesso. Poi ha fatto capire che il vero padrone di casa dell'europa è la BCE. Domanda: cosa serve allora? Tanto vale trasformarla in Banca Pubblica Europea. O no? In questi giorni la Free Energy la fa da padrona e se tanto mi da tanto almeno una tecnologia (replicabile) sarà certamente disponibile. Lo scenario volge al bello. 😉

Moi je constate que pour Henri, c’est jour de gloire, il l’a bien mérité ! Ouf, on va pouvoir parler d’autre chose que de Houellebecq……après ce billet évidemment et malheureusement. J’espère que Puck va nous régler ça en douceur et profondeur (z’étaient chouettes……)

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Same store sales still pretty lame. The consumer is still in the toilet.Redbook at 8:55amAnd housing starts and PPI were both pretty lame as well.

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Firmen (Mitarbeitergröße > 250). Ein Resumee der Umfrage findet Ihr auf Neville Hobson: Blogs drive business opportunities: UK survey. Die komplette Auswertung gibts auf

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I was really impressed by the quality of the questions you asked — very thought provoking and relevant. It was a little crazy though. Lots of people talking and chatting such that it was sometimes hard to keep up! That’s okay, though. It just made it a bit more like a wild party.

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JStens toda a razão, quem se pode abalar sou eu. Bebo da sua fé. Não tenhas dúvidas, não tenhas dúvidas. Lidar com pessoas nessa fase da vida é de um enrequecimento enorme. Ainda por cima, jé é enorme o afecto que nos liga. Já são relações familiares. tenho muita sorte, muita.

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Indeed, and in 2002 Labour was triumphalist in believing it could win on its own right.MMP wasn't supporting by the far left for nothing after all. National's formula for success is actually dependent on Labour winning all of the Maori seats from the Maori Party.

that record label article was pretty sad. i mean, we all knew it was like that but it’s still sad. an artist is better off independent and selling a hundredth of what they would on a major label since they at least get to keep some of the profit. i remember the band TLC saying they sold ten million albums and made $30,000. so unfair.

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Estimada Julieta.El caso que usted nos comenta no atañe a nuestra especialidad pero le recomiendo que vea a otro cirujano general para que trate ese aparente foco infeccioso o vea de que se trata ese abultamiento que refiere.No creo que se trate de un “rechazo” puesto que eso ocurre en órganos y no en materiales de implantes.

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Para DAVI,gostei da resposta para esse idiota do MARCHETTI,ele tem que cuidar do time caloteiro dele que não paga ninguém,nem vaga pra libertas consegue e fica enchendo o saco aqui do DR OSMAR e de nos CORINTIANOS..e para ele,TIMÂO SEMPRE..

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I’ll try to make this explanation as simple as possible:- Sunlight (and light in general) contains photons, which are positively charged particles.- Those positive charged particles hit the electrons in the material used in the solar cell.- As you might know from physics, movement and energy are related.- When those negative particles are hit, they move towards the other end of the semiconductive material creating energy.I know I’m skipping all the scientific details, but a good understanding of quantum physics and semiconductors (which I barely remember) is necessary to understand the details.

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Jesus! I can imagine similar covers being used for different authors in the same genre, but this is ridiculous. At some point someone is actually saying, "Get me stock photos of pretty naked girls lying face down. Yes, again. For which author? Very funny, smart-ass. Get on it."

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Although Fr. Apostoli won’t remember me, he came to my school 8 years ago ( I think) to help us raise funds: he was the featured speaker at the inaugural fundraising dinner, named in honor of the school’s founder (then deceased). I thought I recognized Fr. Bisig’s name, as one of the founders of the Fraternity.May I name another to the list? Fr. Charles Schoenbaechler, who used to say that his two greatest joys of the day were saying the traditional Mass and teaching the students Latin. In his 90′s, he baptised my youngest son.

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Dear Joy and family;We are saddened to hear of the passing of Miss Ruth. Our memories of her a good ones from Lori working with her at Head Start as her teacher assistant, Deanna as a pupil and my working with her as Parent Policy Chairman and doing h

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Colin Adamson05/09/2012Not just in Paris or France – the Olympics changed it a bit in London but that will wear off and the Tube and its travellers will be back to the silence and suspicion.

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Sing had a lot of problems, Chuck, mostly that he was a player/coach, not educated enough to run an organization, which is part of the HC’s job.I’d still take him on my team as an assistant HC any day.How are the Vikes doing this year?

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Hilarious. I agree. Unless you’re prepared to slap a Wendy’s Baconator from her bulging hands (on which I’m certain each layer of skin is slowly collapsing on itself and dead skin flakes off like falling anvils), it’s just senseless to criticize her. She’s the namesake of the restaurant, there isn’t an argument one can stand (or collapse) to make for her not being the appropriate spokeswoman.

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Thank you for writing this and being so honest Thandeka. Indeed, when you’re on the ‘outside’ looking in, it is always easy to judge, without examining one’s own prejudices. I’m glad you were self reflective enough to confront your OWN bias and prejudice, I think that’s a step in the right direction. Goodluck with your postgrad life and working adventures in the next year(s) – continue confronting the self as you aim to be the best person you can possibly be.

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I'm with you. I too wait until after Nov 11th before I start decorating; I don't get the tree until mid-Dec; I start with my Xmas letter & cards (some go overseas so I need to be early); I've already begun wrapping; and my baking will be less this year than others (grown children) and I'll start early. I find that it not only frees up more time to enjoy pre-Xmas but it also stretches out my enjoyment of the Xmas "season". - 28. Jan, 2017 -

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People tend to think of "Bread and Circuses" as a key in the downfall of the Roman Empire. They forget that the Western Roman Empire maintained both Panem and Circusum for about 500 years before the final collapse, and the Eastern, or Byzantine Empire another thousand years after that. I don't think the U.S. or the industrial world will match either though, despite high fructose corn syrup, computers and television. We're going through our resource base _much_ faster than previous empires. Ain't technology grand?Glenn

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I grew up with a mantle of guilt, like Marcus. Linda, you are so right–Satan loves to get our focus off Jesus and onto ourselves, because He knows if we focus on our weaknesses and inadequacies, we’ll be paralyzed. When we focus on Jesus’ sufficiency, we’re free to live as He created us. It’s so powerful! I just wish I had “gotten it” earlier in my life. But I’m glad I understand it now. Marcus, I really like this piece. Especially this: “We don’t have to work hard to integrate faith and work. God gives us this integration by grace.” Amen, friend!

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I enjoy Cormac, even if he is pretty ridiculous a lot of the time.Though I thought Yiddish Policeman’s Union was pretty shitty other than the cool premise. Aw, I hate disagreeing with an Alison Brie avatar.(*cough*) Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao was overrated! (*cough, cough*) - 29. Jan, 2017 -

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Be sure to check out a whole lot more of 31 day series here.  Jessica at Life as Mom is sharing 31 days of smelling the roses, and giving lots of practical ideas which I think fit in nicely with finding meaning in the

It’s great to see some oral histories of Tommy’s/the Silver Dollar. I am not an alum but I do remember one afternoon when I invited Chris Zilz ’01 to have his final independent study meeting in Tommy’s. Chris is always early to everything, and I don’t think he has spent a lot of time in bars. I arrived a few minutes later than Chris, who was nervously waiting near the pool tables while some unsavory locals were picking on him for his Wabash attire… guess I got there just in time to rescue him, since we were clearly outnumbered.

The paragon of understanding these issues is right here!

Honestly, I do not think there will ever be a decent conversation or work on race (or any other oppression/privilege set) until something hits the privileged so hard that it straight out HURTS and they can experience what the unprivileged go through their whole lives.Or as I like to call it, “shaving the sheepdog”.But really, I cannot think of what could do it.

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Dios qué resacón mortal…..Todos tirados por los suelos, la taberna hecha un asco….Vamoa a hacer café cargado, a ver si dejamos lista la taberna para mañana, que el Serrano está debajo del mostrador….Madre mía qué cebollón……No sé si era la borrachera, pero me pareció que a la cantante le faltaba un piño, ¿de dónde habrá sacado Serrano semejante orquesta?.

My current favorite planning tool is a little cheap menu planner/notebook I got at Walgreens….it is totally keeping me organized for the holidays! But other than that, I’ve been searching for a good organization/planning system for a while!

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Hey Nathan.We loved having you on the Manitoulin for a little rest…….and games. Yes, we do go to bed early. :DCome again when you need a rest, or canoe, or boat ride, or family games….or just quiet time.G_M

243Let’s take a different example. I believe that (at least at some points in the story) that Lois Lane had a reputation as Superman’s personal reporter. The one who got the interviews and was fairly clearly on good terms with him. Would it have been a violation of journalistic ethics (on either part) for Perry White to publish her stories while presenting her as an objective reporter? Would it be a violation or breech of contract for her to publish stories about Superman, while concealing that she was married to him?

« La Floride se penche sur le rôle de la SNCF dans la déportation des juifs »Rédigé par : en son temps | le 07 septembre 2010 à 13:27Personnellement, le rôle de Western Union et de Wells Fargo dans la conquête de l’ouest, la déportation et le génocide des indigènes m’intéresse prodigieusement.Félicitons la Floride bushilâtre pour son travail sur la paille dans l’oeil du voisin …! Souhaitons lui les mêmes ambitions pour la poutre Polyphémique.

Mark, without descending to dictionary wars, I'd say the "disaster" reference can reasonably be inferred to be in terms of human impact (as distinct from economic impact) when the words "safety record" are in the same clause.The earthquake and tsunami in Japan – a disaster in any terms, sure.

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With Kerry and Hagel in the line up there will be “meaningful change” or the one state person, one vote will be coming out of people around the world louder and clearer over the next year. One state is going to be loud and clear if there is not real movement by Israel soon.

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Why is it that all the Average Joes are afraid of common sense and intelligence? I’ll gladly watch Dana, Juan, Greg, Kimberly, Eric and all the rest. The other channels can stick to pumping out the hate (yawn).

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Frankly, I'll be glad when all the election excitement is over. There are too many political themed videos, especially in "Being Watched Right Now" that are blocking exposure to more creative shorts.

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You’re obviously not an employer then Quentin. If the minimum wage goes up, I will have to increase every staff member’s pay by a similar percentage to protect relativity between jobs. That will cost me something of the order of $150k per annum, which as an employer, I simply do not have. If the minimum wage is increased beyond emplyers’ ability to pay, the only result will be job losses.PS: All of my staff earn MORE than the minimum wage, some considerably more.

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Non je ne m’y connais pas du tout. Mais Les Ailes de l’enfer est bien un film médiocre. Pas très bien écrit, pas très bien mis en scène et avec des acteurs qui ne sont jamais dirigés. Alors c’est marrant de voir Cage et Malkovich faire les pitres, mais ça ne fait pas un bon film.

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Bibina dit :Je ne pense pas que l’orthodontiste que je voyais quand j’avais 11-12 ans exerce toujours, sinon je t’aurais donné ses coordonnées : un rendez-vous avec lui et le soir même j’avais arrêté de sucer mon pouce …Ma mère se souvient encore de l’engueulade que j’avais eu mais au moins, ça avait été radical !!!

What is probably needed is some "sting" operations with a backup from disgusted males who can deliver immediate punishment. The sort which involves overwhelming numbers.(the traditional Muslim way) Just like the Sharia law on theft the message would soon become obvious.Problem solved.

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Lucrezi: Si, sicuramente un database di disegni di pneumatici esiste. Che ti permetta di risalire a marca e modello dell'auto però è piuttosto aleatorio. Magari puoi saprere gli pneumatici di primo equipaggiamento (ma non è automatico chetutte le auto tali montino pneumatici identici), ma già se li ho cambiati ti voglio vedere a scovare l'auto.

JustMe is one of Donna’s nics. I didn’t block her the other night because I really didn’t think she would show her face here. I’ve now blocked her under this nic and her Donna nic, and yet another nic. It is interesting to see her talking to herself, Like when she called her own creepy posts, creepy. SMH

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Donc les gens qui mentionnent dans leur fiche qu’il vive au jour le jour ou qu’il vive juste pour le moment présent ! Ses quoi est-ce qu’ils sont en phase terminal ? lol

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Che bell'omaggio. In effetti, in un certo qual modo, ho sempre invidiato anch'io chi ha avuto il privilegio di poter guardare il pianeta dall'alto e mervavigliarsi del concetto più puro di grandezza.Eppure da bambino, lo volevo fare anch'io l'astronauta.Evvabbè, sarà per la prossima vita.P.S.: I confini come ingenui scarabocchi? Bello. non ci avevo mai pensato.

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Me quedo con la araña…pinta para Spider Man de mayor! Que lástima que en España esta tradición de celebrar el día de Halloween no esté muy expandida. Es divertida.

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Katherine – I just wait for them to cool and then pop them in a gallon sized freezer bag. :) I either microwave for 30 seconds or just let them reach room temp on their own before eating. They thaw super quick.

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In what world is it reasonable to be at war with 5 countries?I would say if that is your reasoning, you are a fool. And that includes Obama and George W. Bush. McCain is an idiot for believing in neoconservativism and empire. It is economically unsustainable, and immoral to boot.

this guy is sooooo fat nobody wanna see your titties fat nigga put a shirt on officer…when your on duty you need to have your uniform on with a can of mase and a radio

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A factor that could really screw with the inferred mutation rate is the possibility that mutation rates are higher in circumstances that put more environmental stress on the average human (e.g. drought caused malnutrition), leading to period of relatively high mutation rates and relatively low mutation rates.

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Misa, j'ai oublie de repondre a ta question. J'ai un thermometre Mastrad, il est tres bien, programmable, il permet de mesurer la cuisson du sucre comme des viandes. Mais on m'a dit que celui d'Ikea, bien moins cher, etait tres bien aussi.

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Ależ na nic nie trzeba czekać, to piwo warzone jest przez caÅ‚y rok tylko pod szyldem Łomży Export Niepasteryzowanej – typowe koncernowe klonowanie.

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Hey, good blog. My grandfather (William Clarke) was from New Inn and worked for Roderick Trench's grandfather from 1913 until 1922 at Woodlawn. Woodlawn is not haunted, it is just a beautiful old house that has seen better days.

Thank you for the link, may all that read our words truly know what it means to serve this country. May they each reach out and thank our men and women who are serving and have served our country and all their families members too. The honor is mine in every way….

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Sounds like you had a great con! Glad to hear that Will Call was better this year. I was working in Fulfillment behind the scenes there, and we were definitely trying to speed things up. I’m also in Indianapolis. If you ever want to play some games, drop me a line.

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“So, besides holding a political philosophy that’s fit for a middle schooler, we now find that Paul is a pusillanimous politician who is trying to hide his libertarian views from the general public.”Hey now, that’s not fair. To the middle schoolers, I mean.

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I disagree with the advertisement system you are going to introduce because it will interupt videos, and some videos shouldnt be interupted due to the time taken to make some of them. I think its ruining the viewing expereince, and more things to load will make youtube slower than it already is…

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Oi Mirian, vou adorar receber os seus relatos. Faça aos poucos que vai ser otimo. Realmente tem muita diferença na imigraçao daqui, nem se compara com NY ou Miami. O voo com a LAN foi bom entao? Qto tempo foi de conexao? bj

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I can't think of too many large cities that aren't located by rivers or navigable waterways.Ooh, sounds like fun challenge to the peanut gallery here.I'll start with Atlanta Ga. The Chattahoochee River which flows through it is only navigable up to Columbus Ga.

Wow! I loved everything about this post! You're so lucky, and you certainly made the most of the trip! I can't believe you saw, did and ate all of that in just three days!!

What annoys me is that producers of these films have some of the most talented VFX people in the world who work their asses off and do a great job. And yet they hire someone with the mental age of an 8 year old to write the script and the dialogue.

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Nom #104…I hope the estate tax (when reinstated completely) will get those looters. If not, I hope the gods will show their wrath on those by blessing them with the likes of Paris Hilton.S

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ahhaah fortunatamente ne ho viste poche però mi sono sempre chiesta…perchè nel bagno??? Non hanno uno specchio in camera loro?? O sul corridoio o in un'altra stanza?????boh…Mi ricordo una con le mattonelle rosa e sullo sfondo i bidet con sopra l'asciugamanino per l'intimo… un dettaglio che può ammazzare qualsiasi pretesa artistica… 😀

Well i read the ‘line at the bottom’which is only the company’s name and web address. And I understood it was from a poster company talking about how good posters are. And i’m thick. So there, aKnobymous.

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steffi e ju sjuk gullig! känner int henne men vi snackade lite innan hon gick till USA… Ha det sÃ¥ otroligt bra där i London, hoppas att vi fÃ¥r höra hur skolan har börjat o.s.v.. Hälsningar frÃ¥n en läsare frÃ¥n Kampen!

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I have tried GU, CarBoom, and Stinger favorite is a small bar that our group discovered on a recent cross country tour..Raw Rev(olution) brings up their website. These small bars taste great, aren’t sticky, and don’t encourage large amounts of water to, they incorporate ingredients that are recognizable..

This is such a quirky movie. My husband I and both loved it! This might well be the only Will Ferrel movie my husband will ever like! (Thanks for the visit and the interest in my blog!)

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Following up on my initial comment: This soup is outstanding! I made it last evening for my husband and our house guest, and we all were smacking our lips. I wouldn’t change a thing; this soup is easy to make but tastes like it required more effort.

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for the Public Relations Agency industry?  The debate started across on Forbes, continued on FIR and we add our own suggestions from an interview taken for the source material for our book,

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“coast”.But in a sense, Japanese word “coast” may include not only the land of coast but also the sea near coast, so your translation seems not bad.

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3 times a week. Doing MetRX shakes to replace breakfast and lunch 3-4 times a week. Some results but need to kick it up. Need to loose weight, metab is definitely slowing. Which HGH product will help me? Is there a non-injection alternative?Thanks in advance,Tracey

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Oddly, Indianapolis has (or at least had, I'm assuming they maintained it) one of the best rowing courses in the United States, in our very own Eagle Creek Park. That sucker was built for the Pan Am games, and it's the course my high school team used.

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Ringraziamo il signor Anonimo per la segnalazione. I vostri commenti per noi sono sempre molto preziosi. Ne faremo tesoro, sperando di poter assistere ad una sua lezione di vernacolo tarantino. Un caro saluto

I love this campaign! I've seen the movie, and though I didn't love all parts of it, the actual wild things looked wonderful – cuddly and cute but still kind of creepy wild!

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It’s a great idea, not sure if it would happenWe have some great script writers on hereI would love to read a fan script of Del getting married to Raquel at a church in the country and Boycie could hold the wedding reception at the farm.Then Ex husband Roy Slater turns up to cause trouble which back fires on him …. etc

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Anon 6:03, " Obviously we need to ban fully load magazines. "He wore pants. Maybe we should ban pants. And shoes. And gun free zones. - 15. Feb, 2017 -

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2 – Ronaldinho is coming to Milan.That in itself was enough to make any Milanista Excited but for him to Score the winning Goal in the Derby from a powerful header was Bliss.Even better,This was his first ever goal for the rossoneri and it looked like binho would be the next great Rossonero.Sadly that wasn’t to be.

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